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In things essential UNITY

In non-essentials LIBERTY

and In all things CHARITY


- To put forth every effort to proclaim God’s saving grace to the lost at home        and in foreign fields

- To declare the whole counsel of God for the edification of believers

- To promote fellowship among God’s people


- The oneness of the Church of Christ

- Christ the only head

- The Bible the only rule of faith and practice

- Good fruits, the only condition of fellowship

- Christian Union without controversy

- Each local church governs itself

- ​Partisan political preaching discountenanced

Christian Union History

The din and clamor of the Civil War surround the beginning of the C.U. denomination. Here is a history that smells of gunpowder and battlefield trench; that feels of cannon and musket and bayonet. It weeps for southern blacks, that rattle of chains and cruel auction blocks. It refuses to... click to read more

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